McNoll Life Sciences is a one step solution to have an outsourced team as a successful alternative for the pharmaceutical companies resulting in decreased costs, efficient investments, and minimized risks. It helps them to focus on their core business by choosing to outsource the services for some projects. It allows pharmaceuticals to transform fixed costs into variable costs and raising sales, and permitting rapid access to market.

With professionals of more than 65 years of experience at all levels and functions in the pharmaceutical industry, McNoll team have acquired unmatched skills.

Our Co-Founders

asad abbaas

Dr Syed Asad Abbas


A renowned veteran with over 2 decades of experience which includes 15 years at senior leadership positions. He had the success at National and Multi- National brands to his credit. He has worked with top companies like Knoll, PharmEvo, MartinDow, OBS Group, (representing Merck & co, Organon, Schering plough) and Wilshire labs.

Yawar Abbas Farishta


A renowned professional of more than 3 decades of experience in Pharmaceutical Industry. Successfully served Senior Leadership role in Both Multi-national and National. He served various companies like Eli Lilly, Sanofi Aventis, Allergan, BMS, Hilton, Pharmatec, Scilife and Wilshire. Mentored number of Professionals in Pharma industry.

Why Us?

Very good connections at KOL level across Pakistan

Over 50 Years of Experience

Business and Medical mindset